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Instead of guessing what's wrong or ignoring your symptoms, get professional medical care with tests that can give you a clear diagnosis for better treatment. At the iCare ER & Urgent Care facilities in Frisco and South Fort Worth, TX, medical tests are an important part of patient care. Our knowledgeable team of physicians are highly trained to screen illnesses using urinalysis. When you need fast test results, iCare is a great choice for urinalysis and other medical tests because our onsite CLIA/COLA-certified laboratory can provide results within 15 minutes, if necessary.

Purpose of Urinalysis

Urinalysis is used to screen for illness and medical conditions. Most commonly, urinalysis is used to check for signs of diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, pregnancy, and overall health.

About the Tests

Our team can test your urine sample in a variety of ways, depending on if you are visiting iCare to screen for a specific condition or an overall wellness check. Using a urine test strip, dipstick, microscopic analysis, or physical observation, our team will perform a comprehensive urinalysis. Listed below are some examples of what will be analyzed by our team:

  • Red or white blood cells 
    Our technicians will do a microscopic analysis of your urine sample to check for the presence of blood cells. If they are found, this could indicate a number of abnormalities.
  • pH balance
    If your urine is more acidic or alkaline than is typical, it can imply a variety of conditions and should be monitored.
  • Protein levels 
    If protein is present in the urine, it can point to pregnancy or a serious medical issue.
  • Glucose
    The presence of glucose in the urine could be a sign of diabetes or other serious problems with the blood sugar.
  • Nitrites 
    If our technicians find nitrites or the products of bacteria as it breaks down in the urine, this could be a sign of a urinary tract infection.
  • Color
    Abnormalities in the color of the urine can point to issues with medications, fluid balance, or diet.
  • Odor
    If the odor of the urine is particularly strong or unpleasant, our team may want to conduct further tests to find the cause.
  • Appearance
    In particular, cloudiness can signify that bacteria, sperm, mucus, blood, or crystals are present in the sample, all of which could point to different conditions that may need to be tested further.

What to Expect

The urinalysis process is quick and easy at the iCare facility in Frisco or South Fort Worth. We will collect a urine sample from you, which will then be analyzed by one of our experienced medical practitioners. Using a urine test strip or dipstick test, the urine will be inspected for any abnormalities that may indicate an illness, disease, or pregnancy. The sample will be examined physically as well for any irregularities in color, odor, or appearance. If abnormalities exist, our team will most likely perform further medical tests using the state-of-the-art technology in our onsite medical lab.

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If you need an overall wellness check, a pregnancy test, or think you may have a urinary tract infection or any other condition, you should visit the iCare ER & Urgent Care in either Frisco or South Fort Worth. With fast wait times and no appointments needed for a urine screening, we can evaluate and give you results the same day.

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