Information About Emergency Care Services

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Our experienced team at iCare is highly prepared to treat you in emergency care situations, from seizures and strokes to infections and migraines.

When you are in need of emergency care for abdominal pain, we have physicians ready to perform a medical exam and order tests to diagnose the problem.

When you or your child gets hurt in a sports-related practice or event, you can come to iCare for immediate treatment in our ER for athletic injuries.

iCare provides cardiac monitoring services or electrocardiography for an emergency situation or as a diagnostic service with a physician's referral.

When you have a wound that will not stop bleeding, or leaves your skin wide open or with an infection, we recommend visiting iCare ER & Urgent Care.

Chest pain is a symptom that should not be taken lightly. To ensure your health and safety, we recommend visiting iCare for immediate treatment.

The dedicated team of physicians at iCare offers comprehensive spinal taps, or lumbar punctures, to help you detect or treat diseases.

If you are in a situation where a foreign object is stuck in an eye, nostril, ear, or elsewhere, we remove foreign objects in our urgent or ER care.

Our iCare ER & Urgent Care emergency medicine physicians can treat eye injuries that range from accidents, trauma, and chemical poisoning immediately.

If you are suffering from an illness such as the cold or flu, along with vomiting, fever, and diarrhea, iCare can help diagnose and treat you.

When itchy rashes, bites, and other skin injuries are swollen, feverish, and painful, your condition may require medical care when at-home care fails.

Whether it is caused by chemicals, an electrical current, or a fire, our team at iCare is prepared to treat your burn injury at any level of severity.

When you need to see a doctor after hours or in the middle of the night for a bladder issue or urinary tract infection, you can count on iCare.

Providing pre-employment screening as well as on-the-job injury treatment, iCare is a superior choice for anyone seeking occupational medicine.

Whether your lung and breathing problems are acute or chronic, mild or severe, our skilled team at iCare can provide the fast relief that you need.

For heart conditions as mild as an irregular heartbeat or as severe as a heart attack, iCare has urgent care and a 24/7 ER ready for your emergency.

The onset of a heat-related illness, such as heat stroke or exhaustion, sunburn, and more can appear suddenly and become a critical medical emergency.

For mild to severe dehydration, our team at iCare has the supplies, including IV fluids to rehydrate your body, help you feel better and healthier.

At iCare ER & Urgent Care, we consider pregnant patients with pelvic pain and/or bleeding a medical emergency, and will be treated by our ER staff.

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