Frisco and Fort Worth, TX | Patient Testimony | iCare ER & Urgent Care

Learn more about the reasons why so many mothers love and trust iCare ER & Urgent Care.


Speaker 1: We've had an amazing experience with iCare, and our family has been in several times, mostly with children's colds, but every time we've come in we've had wonderful doctors. They've had been very thorough. It's been a quick and helpful experience.

Speaker 1: We have been a walk-in every time that we've come to iCare. We've never scheduled an appointment, but each time that we've come, we've had very short waits, I think definitely less than 10 minutes, probably less than five minutes.

Speaker 1: They're a great urgent care. They're conveniently located. They have amazing doctors who really make an effort to know you and to follow up with you and it's an incredible level of service.

Speaker 1: I would definitely recommend iCare to our friends and family. They have wonderful doctors who do a great job knowing your family, following up with anything that they treat and they're very thorough in everything they do.

Speaker 1: There was a period last winter where we were here several times over a couple weeks with both my boys with respiratory illnesses, colds and stuff, and the staff got to where they knew us very well. They knew our names. They knew the boys' names. They remembered what we've been here before, even before they checked their charts. They even remembered little stories the boys had told them about things that were going on in their lives.

Speaker 1: I heard about iCare from Dr. Morales. I actually work with the PTA at one of the local elementary schools, and before they even opened, he had approached us about ways that they can be involved. They not only support our PTA financially, but they also come with their time. They've taught sessions on diabetes at our Diverse Abilities Days. They've worked the water station at the Fun Run. They've been at our health fair. They come to carnival. They're always at school, being involved in everything that we're doing, and that was even before they opened. So once they opened, certainly we wanted to come here and be their patients. But I know it's not just our school that they do this for. They are involved with sports teams and awareness organizations and so many different things throughout the community.

Speaker 1: The followup at iCare has been amazing. When we've been here, the doctors themselves have actually called the next day to find out how my kids were doing.

Speaker 1: They personally called and asked if I had any questions and just checked to make sure that everything was going well.

Speaker 1: The iCare facility is brand new. It's about a year old. Everything in it is new and clean and it's beautiful. We've never had any need for their radiology, but I'm told they can do any kind of X-rays or scans that you need right here at iCare, and the room that we're in right now... I don't know if you can see it... is a pediatric room that's designed so that when you bring your children, they feel comfortable and it's a bright and welcoming place for them, too.