Urgent Care

If you are running low on medication and you are having a hard time getting into your doctor for a refill, then consider the convenience of visiting a local urgent care instead. At iCare ER and Urgent Care, we offer extended evening and weekend hours to accommodate your busy schedule. Our board-certified doctors and experienced nurses are always available to assist with your general health needs, including prescription refills.

Stay on Schedule with Prescription Medications

When you have been prescribed medication, the most important thing you can do is stay on schedule with your pills. Prescriptions are most effective when they are used consistently, according to the doctor’s prescribed dosage and frequency.

As you are nearing the bottom of the bottle, time is an important factor that needs to be considered for your refill. Serious health complications can develop if you stop taking medication that is needed to support your health.

Why an Urgent Care for Prescription Refills?

Sometimes it is inconvenient to visit your regular doctor for a refill. For example, the office might be overbooked, so you can’t get an appointment in time. Or, you might not have time in your busy schedule to book a doctor’s visit during regular business hours.

One fast and effective way to get the refill that is needed is by visiting our urgent care. Urgent care facilities have experienced doctors who can prescribe medications, including everything from pain medications to antibiotics, allergy pills, and more.

Keep in mind that some medications are limited in use through urgent care clinics. For example, if you are using prescription pills for ongoing pain management, then it is best to work with your primary care physician regarding chronic pain treatment. All doctors need to be careful about over-prescribing addictive medications.

Common reasons for visiting an urgent care for prescription refills include:

  • You just realized that you are almost out of your medication and don’t have time to visit your primary care physician right away
  • Convenience of evening or weekend appointments
  • You are traveling when it is time for a prescription refill
  • In between doctor appointments before the refill is needed
  • You recently moved and don’t have a primary care physician in the area

Visiting an urgent care can be a fast and convenient way to get the prescriptions that are needed to support your health.

iCare ER and Urgent Care is Here to Help

Our team is here to assist with all of your general healthcare needs. At iCare ER and Urgent Care, walk-ins are always welcome in our clinic. Or you are welcome to use our online sign-in form to schedule an appointment before coming to the office for a prescription refill. We offer board-certified providers, including experienced doctors and nurses to assist with your health concerns. Our goal is to offer a comfortable, responsive environment where you can access a full range of medical services needed for your family.

iCare ER and Urgent Care has two convenient locations in Frisco and Fort Worth. Call right away if you have questions about the available services: (214) 407-8668. If you would like to schedule a visit or reserve the next available appointment, use our easy and quick online sign-in.




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