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Do You Have COVID-19 Or The Flu? What’s The Difference?


A helpful guide to understanding what signs and symptoms may mean you have been exposed to the flu virus or COVID-19 and when to get tested.


Eye Injuries That Should Be Seen In The ER


Don’t risk it when it comes to your vision. Learn what signs and symptoms of an eye injury may mean you need to seek ER treatment immediately.


Is It Safe To Send Kids To School During COVID?


Be confident in your decision about sending your children back to school this fall by understanding all the facts regarding COVID and kids.


What To Look For In An Emergency Room Near Me


When an illness or injury occurs, do you go to the ER or urgent care? Separate entities, iCare ER & Urgent Care offers both under the same roof.


How To Know Which COVID-19 Test Is Right For You?


When it comes to testing for COVID-19, iCare ER & Urgent Care can perform diagnostic tests for active symptoms or for those who are asymptomatic.


Should You Go To The ER For a Broken Bone?


While broken bones that occur on the hand or foot can be easily treated, some fractures need to be seen in the emergency room for immediate attention.


When Should You Go to the ER For Stitches?


When you have a deep cut, laceration, or bite wound, it may be necessary to visit an emergency room near you for stitches.


Are School and Sports Physicals Available at Urgent Care Facilities?


When you’re in need of sports and school physicals, visit a Frisco or Fort Worth, TX urgent care center.


Identifying the Symptoms of Coronavirus


When you suspect that you have coronavirus symptoms, it’s important to be tested quickly to avoid exposing others.


When Should You Seek Emergency Care For a Burn?


Many different substances can cause burns. Learn about the different degrees of burns and when to seek emergency treatment from medical professionals.


Important Tips on How to Prevent Contracting Coronavirus


Learning how to prevent catching coronavirus helps to ensure that your overall health is intact all year long.


How To Avoid Dehydration in the Summer


Knowing how to prevent dehydration from occurring will help you feel your best all year long.


Will Insurance Cover a Visit to an Urgent Care Facility?


When you’re sick or have been injured, you will want to know if your insurance will cover a visit to an urgent care facility.


Can You Be Tested for Coronavirus at an Urgent Care Center?


When you suspect that you may have coronavirus, our urgent care in Fort Worth, TX offers viral and antibody testing.


Is There a Difference Between Urgent Care and a Hospital Emergency Room?


When you need medical help, you will want to understand whether you should go to an urgent care facility or the emergency room.


Coronavirus Testing: Nasal Swab & Antibody Testing

Dr. Shane Cole | 05/11/2020

We administer nasal swab tests or blood antibody tests, depending on the reason you’re being tested.


It’s Safe to Visit iCare ER & Urgent Care – Now and Always

iCare ER and Urgent Care | 04/28/2020

Are you unsure about how to handle medical concerns during this pandemic? If you need medical care, then you shouldn’t hesitate to visit our team.


Different Symptoms for Coronavirus, Flu, and Allergies

iCare ER and Urgent Care | 04/18/2020

Are you feeling an increased sensitivity about the smallest symptoms that are noticed in yourself or your family members?


How Do You Stop Heart Palpitations?

iCare ER and Urgent Care | 04/11/2020

It can be scary to notice unusual sensations in your chest. Our team is here to assist you, whether it is a minor health concern or an emergency.


Reaching Out Again for PPE Donations

iCare ER and Urgent Care | 04/01/2020

Due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, healthcare facilities everywhere are facing a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment.


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